Best self watering Vertical Gardens of 2021

The best vertical garden kit is the one that will give you the lively flowers and fruits you want to enjoy in your home. Vertical gardens use a self watering system that drips water from the top pot down to the bottom pot in a slow watering system that keeps the soil of your plants moist for days.

You have multiple options for design and mounting to choose from as well as sizes.

ProductAvailable colors
Product 1. Black 3-Tier Stacking Planter4
Product 2. Greenstalk Huge 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter4
Product 3. Worth Garden 3-Pack Olive Green self watering Vertical Garden1
Product 4. SELF Watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots5
Product 5. BlueSkyGrow Self Watering Planter1

What are the 5 Best self watering Vertical Garden in 2021?

Black 3-Tier Stacking Planter

Black 3-Tier Stacking Planter product image
Nancy Janes
Black 3-Tier Stacking Planter
Colors: 4
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Wall planters vertical garden. The Black 3-Tier Stacking Planter comes with everything you need to hang your plants, including grids, trays, and a swivel chain. The planter is a self watering system that lets the water dribble downward through the multi-terrier system, so your plants are not overwatered. The system design so you regulate the amount of water your plants get.

The planter self-regulates the water distribution for consistent watering and plant health. The design of the planter is attractive as well as practical for small spaces. You can put it anywhere in a home with limited space such as studio apartments or dorm rooms.

The planter is perfect for growing all kinds of plants, including strawberries, herbs, and annuals. You can use the grids to stack the planter in any design you choose that suits your plants best. Each tray is six-inches high and twelve inches in diameter, so you can build the tray up to nineteen-inches high.

  • The self watering planter distributes that water evenly down your plants [+];
  • You can add multiple planters together to make creative displays [+];
  • You can hang or sit the planter on the floor [+].
  • You may need a special hook to support the weight of a fully-loaded planter [-];
  • The top of the planter can dry out quickly for some plants [-].

Greenstalk Huge 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter

Greenstalk Huge 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter product image
Greenstalk Huge 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter
Colors: 4
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Vertical garden system. The Greenstalk Huge 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter is a high-quality, BPA-free hanging planter. The planter is polypropylene, UV-resistant plastic, so you can put the planters in the sun without worrying about the planter taking damage. The planter comes with a unique multi-terrier watering system.

The multi-terrier watering system lets the water travels through the inner water channels from the top water reservoir down to your plants. The system is a soil-based water-distribution system, not hydroponic, so the water starts at the top and uses gravity to water all the pots and plants beneath.

The planter can hold up to forty gallons of potting soil and is ideal for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can grow small flowers and plants, depending on your preferences. The polypropylene is a food-safe material manufactured in the United States.

  • The planter is ideal for growing vegetables [+];
  • The planter is the right design for small patios and balconies [+];
  • You will find it easy to assemble [+].
  • The water holes can clog easily if not regularly cleaned [-];
  • The planter does not work well for some types of plants [-].

Worth Garden 3-Pack Olive Green self watering Vertical Garden. Vertical garden watering system

Worth Garden 3-Pack Olive Green self watering Vertical Garden product image
Worth Garden 3-Pack Olive Green self watering Vertical Garden
Colors: 1
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The Worth Garden 3-Pack Olive Green self watering Vertical Garden that you can mount on a wall. The planter requires only a wall with a screw or a nail to hold it in place. The planter comes with three connected pots that lets you water one pot to water all three.

The self watering system design lets water trickle down through ventilation holes in the bottom of the planter so that you can drip water the plants for fuller, more beautiful flowers. The system allows you to choose the height of your planter to best suit your want and the plants you plant.

The planter comes with an outer pocket that holds the inner basket that lets your plants and their soil be cushioned. The inner basket lets any water you pour slide easily through the basket out of the plastic hole in each container to water the plants beneath.

  • The planter is easy to hang on the wall [+];
  • The planter is very sturdy [+];
  • You can mount the planter onto most types of walls [+].
  • It is easy to overwater your plants [-];
  • The planter may be too large for some plants [-].

Self watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots

self watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots product image
self watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots
Colors: 5
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The self watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots is a series of three to twelve pockets. The design of the planter uses an automatic dripping system to self-water your plants. You will not need to constantly water the plants because the design uses the top pot to drip water to the rows beneath slowly.

The wall planters are small to fit smaller apartments or spaces. They lean outwards to display the flowers or herbs you plant without wasting space around your home floors or balconies. You can mount twelve pots onto your apartment or balcony walls to have a vertical garden.

You can hang the self watering plants indoors and outdoors. They are a durable polymer, which is lightweight and strong. They come with sturdy hooks, so you don’t need to worry about your plants falling off the wall as they grow and get heavier.

  • The polymer material is more durable than cloth-based wall planters [+];
  • The planter is easy to install [+];
  • The planter fits easily onto a small balcony [+].
  • You need to add extra back supports for the weight [-];
  • There is no reservoir to catch the water after the bottom planter [-].

BlueSkyGrow self watering Planter

BlueSkyGrow self watering Planter product image
BlueSkyGrow self watering Planter
Colors: 1
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The BlueSkyGrow self watering Planter is a vertical standing planter. You can grow flowers or herbs year-round with a planter you can use indoors or outdoors. The planter is small enough to fit onto a counter or in your living room.

The design of the planter includes an automatic dripping system that lets the top planter water the ones beneath it. You will not need to water as frequently, and the self watering system is easy to use, and all the water flows down into a handy reservoir to protect your floors and counters.

An LED lighting system comes built into the design of the planter to provide your plants with the right light spectrums to get your plants growing. Photosynthesis is maximized with the LED lights, which are easy to control using the touch screen panel.

  • The water pump is very quiet [+];
  • The planter is easy to assemble [+];
  • The LED light works to help plants grow quickly [+].
  • Larger top plants can block the light for lower hanging plants [-];
  • The light can start to buzz [-].

Self watering vertical garden Buyers Guide

Type of Wick

The type of wick you use in your vertical gardening and container gardening should be a cotton or other cloth material. The wick needs to be long enough to loop through multiple planters on down to the bottom of the multi-level planter. The design lets the water seamlessly drip water down the rope into the lower level pots.

The wick can also be a soil wick. A soil wick lets the water drip naturally down from a topmost pot into lower pots. You need to select the type of self watering pot system that will work for growing as well as mature plants.

Drainage Holes

Not all your plants will use all the water you give them. Your vertical planter system needs a way to capture any excess water to prevent your balcony or countertop, slowly developing water and dirt stains. In some fancy designs, a pump recirculates the unused water back to the top, so none is wasted.


You need to buy self watering vertical planters that will fit your plants from top to bottom. If you plan on planting larger plants, make sure they are near the bottom to stabilize the display as well as fit. You want the maximum amount of usability and space to give you plants room to grow and remain healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is self watering vertical garden?

A self watering vertical garden is a planter designed with multiple baskets stacked on top of the other. A length of wick or rope runs down from the top of the main basket to the bottom, or it uses a drip system to water the plants from the top on down.

The self watering system saves time and water as you will not need to water the plants as frequently with the continuous slow flow of water.

What size do I need?

The size of the planter you select should fit the types of plants you want to plant and space you have available. The planters tend to be smaller to accommodate smaller growing operations and plants, but there are larger ones if you have a wall you want to fill.

Make sure the planter is sturdy enough to hold the plants you want to plant and not tip over if it is free-standing.

Final Thoughts

A vertical self watering planter is an ideal way to go if you have a small apartment space. You can plant all kinds of nutritious treats, herbs, and flowers using a planter that can fit on your balcony or in the corner of your living room. Do your homework and make sure the planter will work for the plants you plan to put in it.