The 8 Best Plant Watering Reminder Apps

Let’s face it. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy responsibilities of your daily. Hence, you may be forgetting to water your home plants which means they’re dying left and right.

While you may feel like you cannot even keep a plant alive, do not get frustrated. Consider one of these 8 best plant watering reminder apps to get you back on track to having lovely indoor plants or even a stunning outdoor garden.


WaterMe is the best plant care app for plant watering reminders because of its simple and easy-to-use platform. It is available for Android and IOS.

The plant care reminder app comes with many plants to choose from that could be in your garden such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can select your plant type, what you have to do for the plant that day, and what time you want to complete the task.

The plant watering reminder list is in the form of pictures with the name of the plant and the task is stated underneath. Once you set your daily reminder time and opt in for app reminders, you will get a notification of when it’s time to water your plants, trim them, or fertilize soil.


Happy Plant is a top best garden planning app because of its simplistic water schedule set-up. From left to right of the top screen, you will see categories for “water today”, “forgotten”, and “next watering”.

As long as you immediately go into the app once you get reminder and complete your watering task, it will not go into the “forgotten” section.

Certain plants can go longer or shorter time periods without water. Based on how the plant develops, you can plan watering tasks accordingly.

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Potted is a plant watering notifier that helps you to customize your app experience. Take pictures of your plants and upload them to the app. You can name them whatever you want. In the app’s preview, plants are named after people’s names.

Set watering and maintenance reminders based on each plant’s special care needs. Click on the plant picture to customize each task.

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Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering

Android users can download Plant Care Reminder to receive reminders on watering all their plants. Plant Care Reminders goes the extra mile in being able to customize your app experience.

Select the report format that you want whether in a list with or without pictures. Custom report formats make the app more convenient for you to navigate.

You are able to create groups of plants based on where they are located in your home or if they are under the same species. Categorizing your plants helps to maintain tasks that may have to be done on the same day.

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Smart Plant Home

Smart Plant Home offers subscription services for the true dedicated gardener. The best perk of being a subscription holder is having your own local expert that can help you with your gardening journey. Download the app for your Android/IOS device.

The plant maintenance app is connected to many local garden centers throughout the United States. As long as your local garden center is affiliated with Plant Care Home, you can scan plant barcodes, input them into your app, and get ready to schedule gardening tasks for them after your purchase.

Based on the plants in your list, you will receive recommended soil and other gardening products that best supports their growth.

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Florish – Plant Care Companion

Florish is an indoor plant care app for IOS. Use the camera to scan your home during daylight hours to figure out which plants will best thrive in your home. While you may want a certain plant in your indoor garden, another plant may thrive even better.

Save your plant budget for something that will actually last inside of your home.

You can purchase plants from the web store to have them delivered to your home or office as long as you are within the geographic market for this service. If you have plants of your own already, you can start adding them to the app to customize the frequency of your “remind me to water the plants” notifications.

To find out more information on some plants that thrive better in indoor environments and outdoors, check out this Davey article.

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PeppyPlant will get you motivated with that “pep” in your step to keep up with your plant watering tasks. You can download PeppyPlant on your IOS device.

When inputting the plant list into your app, state whether it is an outside or inside plant. PeppyPlant will notify you the best place to keep your plants based on its special needs. For example, if you have an outside plant that thrive better as an indoor plant, the app will let you know after you have entered all of the information.

You can even report in the app how much sunlight each plant receives on a daily basis. If you are having trouble estimating the amount of sunlight each plant gets, think of it this way.

Outside plants may receive about 6-8 hours of sunshine depending on the season. Inside plants may get 3-5 hours of sunshine depending on where it is placed in your home and how the sun hits that specific area.

Find out more about how much sunlight your plants need by visiting a blog called The Sill.

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Vera: Plant Care App

Vera is one of the best apps for plant care for Android smartphones, and it is also available for IOS. The app makes it easy to customize plant profiles with a name, image, date you purchased the plant, special instructions for care, and recurring notifications for watering and plant maintenance.

The Vera team is making plans for incorporating app capabilities to share your plant profiles to plant sitters should you take a long vacation and not be home to water your plants.

For now, you can screenshot and send your plant profiles’ special instructions to show your plant sitter everything he or she must do while you are away from home long-term.

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Plant On, Gardeners!

No matter what plant watering reminder app that you choose, let it be one that brings out the green thumb in you. Keep planting and nurturing your gardens and plants, and you will see results from your dedicate care.

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