About page

I would like to speak out, tell you something about myself and explain why I’ve made this little blog Nadingardening.com.

Let’s start from the beginning, I’m Nadya, hi there ?! I’m not an expert in gardening or agriculture, but recently I’ve been quite puzzled by choosing the pots for my collection of plants in my apartment.

This is where it all started. I learned a lot of nuances, discovered myself all the pitfalls that were not so obvious before buying real pots. I had my personal experience in choosing “self watering” devices and I decided to share my knowledge.

I’m a fan of Udemy and the educational MOOC sites. Sometimes I test myself, doing some certification tests (I’ll attach them soon). I make notes for myself and save gardening tips in Notes on my Iphone and Evernote on my computer, then I can make a complete and useful text and share it with you in the blog.

The goal of this blog is to adapt the available information in such a way to help people understand the basics and make a choice of more suitable products by passing it through my own experience. On my way, I’ll understand the topic better myself and study how to take care of my collection of houseplants at a higher level.

What this blog is about: first, about what I already know a bit — devices for automatic plant watering, about the basic principles of plant care, the best devices to buy (which significantly simplify life) and useful mobile apps.

My main advantages are the understanding of basic design and information composition rules, and how to convey a text to the reader in an easy way. So, here is the value of this blog in 4 key points:

  • A small team of assistant authors and I take reliable information from authoritative sources and present it in a readable way, so we simplify the perception process;
  • I care about readers’ reaction, and together with programmers, I try to create new tools for the emerging needs that will make plant growing easier;
  • If I find a tip and it seems to me quite interesting or creative, I add it to the website’s collection, make a review and publish it in a blog;
  • I write a little column of photo experiments, in which I test different approaches and check hypotheses in practice. Some of these experiments are posted in the website’s Instagram profile (@nadingardening), and they are fully described on the site.

7 key principles of the NadinGardening.com

Principle №1

It isn’t necessary to give completely unique information, but it’s important to have your own format and add something particularly valuable. We work on the principles of the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Cleon.

Principle №2

It is good to use materials with open usage rights. Especially if you find a perfect use for them and come up with a new way of presentation;

Principle №3

Balance between hobbies and earnings is important. This is also a commercial project. Half of the materials will have a commercial subtext, the other half is exclusively useful for users.

Principle №4

We try to work quickly, so there may be errors and small flaws. As time passes, we return and correct inaccuracies, and enrich the content additionally.

Principle №5

We lay aside perfectionism and make it a rule that no more than 10% of our ideas will work fully.

Principle №6

We think about the user. We ask ourselves: what will a person get or lose if he uses our tip, and what he will think after following it?

Principle №7

We are ready to cooperate with other platforms, any joint project can be offered via email idea@nadingardening.com and we will give a feedback.